First Appointment Information

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in your Registration Form or alternatively this can be downloaded here and brought with you on the day.
Please bring:

      Your referral
      All relevant imaging e.g. x-ray, MRI/CT scan, ultrasound
      Health care cards – Medicare, private health insurance, pension, Veterans’ Affairs
      Other relevant correspondence and test results
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Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily adjusted or removed.
Dr Chia will take a detailed history, perform an examination of the relevant body part and review your imaging along with any other related information. He will then make a recommendation regarding your further treatment. A letter will be dictated and sent to your GP (or referring doctor). Please allow up to a week for this to arrive.

Following your first appointment, an initial consultation fee is payable on the day. Part of this can be claimed from Medicare. Follow up appointments are usually scheduled at this time but if you require an investigation such as an MRI scan, please allow 1-2 days following your procedure for the report to reach our office.

Patient Forms

  Patient Registration Form - all new patients to complete
  Worker's Compensation / Third Party Insurance Patient Form - if applicable